Stuck In The Ice? Time To Party!

I have to admire the passengers of a small cruise ship that was trapped in ice on the St. Lawrence River for more than a day.

Instead of griping about it, they partied and enjoyed the scenery until a Canadian Coast Guard ice breaker freed the ship. This is the philosophy of the enlightened traveler: if you can’t be at the place you want, enjoy the place you’re at.


One thought on “Stuck In The Ice? Time To Party!

  1. mike burlington

    Of course it was a cruise full of skiers! There is not much for them to do if they are not skiing.
    I’m surprised they didn’t try to ski on some of the ice though.
    I never knew you could take a cruise from Montreal to the Chic Chocs, have to look into this.
    Off to Taos on Saturday, 18 inches in the last two days!


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