Shoes And Moisturizer: Another Tip From Mom

I have a favorite pair of travel shoes — Ecco loafers so comfortable that I wear them everywhere. They’ve been all over, from the Hermitage to the rain forest.


It was the rain forest where they took their most recent beating, along a trail to the lovely Rio Celeste on the slopes of the volcano Tenorio in northern Costa Rica. It was worth the walk, but what to do about the muddy shoes, which needed to go out to dinner that very night, with no shoe polish around?

The answer came from my mother, whose wisdom in these matters is immense. She suggested rubbing body lotion or moisturizer into the shoes.

It makes sense that leather shoes, which are essentially skin, could be conditioned by skin lotion. So I rinsed the shoes off and gave it a try.

A nice application of Portico Spa Renewing  Body Lotion (with lavender and citrus extract) from a sample tube picked up at the Boston Hyatt rehabbed the shoes if not to their former splendor, back into decent shape. (I never know what to do with those giveaway lotions, anyway, since my skin can’t handle all the perfumes and additives.)




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