A380 Is Really, Really Big

The thing about the Airbus A380 that Qantas flies into LAX is that it’s so freaking big, reports the Los Angeles Times, although not in those words, exactly.

Actually, in these words, among others:

Service roads, taxiways and runways must be closed to airfield trucks, cars and other commercial aircraft as the world’s largest passenger plane — with wings almost as long as a football field — arrives, departs and taxis with an official escort of operations vehicles.

It’s not all that disruptive right now because traffic at LAX has dropped a great deal, but

… air traffic controllers and LAX officials caution that as airlines put more A380s into service, they could hamper airport operations and delay other commercial flights if improvements to runways, taxiways and terminals are not made in the next few years.

Oh, go ahead and read the whole story. And check out the great photo of an A380 dwarfing a couple of Alaska Airlines 737s. 


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