Odds And Ends On US Airways Flight 1549

As coverage continues of the water landing of US Airways Flight 1549, I want to hand out a few awards and give you a few links:

Best phraseology goes to CNN for “splash landing.” At least CNN is where I heard it first.

Best headline goes to New York Magazine for Birds: Why They Hate Us

Best joke: “US Airways has announced they are now the official airline of the US Swim Team. ” (Not sure who said it first, but here’s more from Janice Houghon at Tripso.com)

The New York Times blog “Room for Debate” takes the story up from the birds’ point of view.

The New York Daily News site has a terrific photo gallery of the event.

Patrick Smith, the excellent Ask the Pilot columnist for Salon.com, deconstructs the crash landing and suggests “To hyperdramatize the event is, I think, to cheapen it.”

Somebody found a photo of a passenger who was clearly NOT listening to the pre-flight safety instructions.

The Christian Science Monitors asks an important question: are airlines still able to attract pilots of the caliber of Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III? 

The Los Angeles Times’ Technology blog reports on the unfortunate Cisco Systems commercial mocking airline safety that aired during CNN coverage of the event.

The New York Times on how the mostly submerged jet has quickly become a tourist attraction


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