Drama Over Heathrow Runway Continues

Britain’s Labor government has announced it will go ahead with plans to add a third runway to London’s Heathrow airport, despite opposition from residents, environmentalists, the Conservative party and a whole lot of other people, the New York Times reports.

The announcement so enraged one member of parliament that he picked up the ceremonial mace and put it on the Labour frontbench, according to the Times of London. This is apparently not allowed because the MP was suspended from the House of Commons for five days. Just for moving the … thingy.

Near as I can make out, the mace is a really fancy stick. Not only does Britain have a mace, but most former colonies have them — including the United States. (Interesting note: we had to replace our mace after the British burned the Capitol in 1814. Those redcoats owe us a mace.)

I’m thinking this mace could come in handy. If Congress fails again to pass an airline passenger bill of rights, let’s get that mace and put it somewhere.


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