Another Person Overboard

An entertainer working aboard the Carnival Sensation went overboard Thursday off the coast of Florida and is presumed drowned.

I recently wrote that people generally don’t fall off cruise ships. If they go overboard it’s usually because they jump, and maybe very rarely because they get pushed or thrown over the side.

In the few cases where someone goes over accidentally, it usually turns out that they were climbing on the railings that are supposed to prevent falls. That may be the case here — there’s at least one report that the crew member had climbed onto a railing to pose for a photo.

His fellow crew members saw it happen but were unable to find him afterward. It’s very hard to stop a ship, and very difficult to find someone in the sea at night.

So there’s a good reason not to do that Jack and Rose thing from “Titanic.” Keep your feet on the deck, inside the railings.


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