Cruise Passenger Went Overboard, But Did She ‘Fall’?

Every time I read about somebody falling off a cruise ship, I wince. Because it’s really not possible to just sort of trip and lurch over the side of the ship. The railings are too high.

There are only three ways I’ve ever heard of to go overboard on a cruise ship. You can jump off. You can get thrown off. Or you can, if you’re stupid or drunk enough, climb on the railing and lose your balance. I guess that afterward, in any case, you fall.

It’s not yet clear which one of these things happened to Jennifer Seitz, who went overboard from the Norwegian Pearl in the Gulf of Mexico on Christmas night. But NBC’s Today Show has a story describing some unusual behavior by Seitz and her husband during the cruise.

Rescuers are still looking for Seitz, who is the eighth person to go overboard from a cruise ship or ferry this year, according to the Cruise Junkie site.

[added 7:12 p.m.: looks like she jumped.]


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