Weighing In On Pets In Aircraft Cabins

The folks at airfarewatchdog.com did a Web survey on whether pets should be allowed in aircraft cabins, and 58 percent said yes.

I’m with the minority on that one. As I’ve opined before, I believe the suffering of allergic humans ought to be considered first. (This opinion did not, however, gain me many friends. And my cat snubbed me for weeks.)

George Hobica, the founder of airfarewatchdog, suggests that airlines are trying to discourage passengers from transporting pets on commercial aircraft. He notes that Frontier Airlines has banned pets from the cabin, Delta and American have raised the in-cabin pet fee from $200 to  $300 and United has raised it to $350.


One thought on “Weighing In On Pets In Aircraft Cabins

  1. MikeTheActuary

    While I love to travel (by car) with my family’s four-legged members…well, the airline experience has become unpleasant enough that it doesn’t need to be made even worse by subjecting me and 200 of my closest friends to the sniffling and sneezing of an allergy-sufferer for the duration of a flight.
    I’m tempted to suggest banning allergic people from flying. Instead, I’ll settle for saying that it’s cruel and inhumane to subject any animal — human or pet — to the cattle-cart conditions of modern civil aviation.


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