Who’s That?

What do you think of my new blog photo? I cut it from a snapshot my husband took in Hawaii a few months ago.

It really was time to retire the old photo because it’s … well … old. Like almost five years old.  I figured I really should use a crop of the picture that was taken a few months ago for the newspaper blog promos. Only I got it ready and I hated it.

If you’ve seen it in print, it’s not too bad in black and white. But somehow, in color on the computer screen, I have this horrendous glassy-eyed stare. Here, I’ll show you:

mugshot-grin.jpgI really would like to use this one, which my sister Maryanne took in Istanbul last March, but I think probably Marie won’t let me get away with that:


What you forgot what the old one looked like already?



2 thoughts on “Who’s That?

  1. Maryanne

    Your new blog photo reminds me that I will be, unwillingly, leaving a Tilley hat behind me in Myanmar. That’s because I left it either in the airport or in the office and no one owned up to finding it. I’ve been keeping an eye out to no avail. I guess people here recognize a good hat – I also got many compliments on it in Madagascar. This hat was the successor to the one I got as a gift from a certain travel blogger a few years back. For the uninitiated: Tilley hats rock! Tilley hats rule! (Tilley has not paid me to say this!) Not only that, but if one is lost or stolen, Tilley gives a substantial discount for its replacement.

  2. KJ

    I liked your old blog picture, but I like this one even better! That’s a coach-class traveler right there (yes, that’s a good thing).


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