Greyhound Offers Hefty Discounts

Greyhound has kicked off what it calls a Travel Stimulus Package for the holidays, including half-price bus fares for up to three companions with the purchase of a full-fare ticket.

I immediately checked on prices from Hartford to New York and, indeed, the first fare came up at $58.50 and the next three at $29.25. That’s round-trip, non-refundable, bought at least three days in advance. (A few routes are excluded from this promotion.)

But, wait, there’s more:

In addition to that Friends and Family Companion Fare, Greyhound is offering:

75 Percent Off Advance Purchase Fares: The company will sell 250 tickets a day at 75 percent off the adult walk-up fare, when purchased at least 10 days in advance.

Holiday Bounce-Back Coupons: For all tickets sold in terminals between Dec. 15 and Jan. 5, a coupon will automatically print that will offer customers a 20 percent discount for their next trip between Jan. 6 and March 31.

And, remember, online tickets are priced at a 20 percent discount from adult walk-up fares.  

These discounts are also honored by Peter Pan Bus Lines, Greyhound’s partner in the Northeast. Read more about it on, and remember, riding the bus does not necessarily suck.


One thought on “Greyhound Offers Hefty Discounts

  1. Burlington to NOLA Dad

    The pooch is also a cheap way to send bulky packages.
    We sent a bike to NO on Greyhound for 1/3 the price of any of the package companies. It was supposed to take 7 – 10 days, but only took three.
    No door to door pick up or delivery, but cheap anyway.


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