My Souvenirs: Cheap Earrings

Do you have a collection of vacation souvenirs
leaves2.jpg— trinkets you pick up when you travel? Refrigerator magnets? T-shirts? Snow globes?

My parents collect Christmas tree ornaments. My niece used to collect air sickness bags. My kid collected keychains.

As for me, I collect earrings, the cheaper the better.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a pile of earrings, only rarely paying more than $10 or $15 for a pair. And I’ve decided that they make great souvenirs, at least if you have pierced ears, for the following reasons:

  • They’re cheap. I’ve paid as little as $2 for a pair.
  • They’re ubiquitous. Where are there not vendors selling earrings?
  • People ask where you got them, and then you get to talk about vacation.
  • If you lose them, it’s an excuse to go back for more.

Here are some of mine:


Clockwise from top: Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Arizona, Hawaii, Costa Rica. The leaf-shaped earrings at the beginning of this entry are from Finland.


2 thoughts on “My Souvenirs: Cheap Earrings

  1. John Bryan

    Hi Jeanne,
    I have been collecting the refrigerator magnets and arranging them geographically on my refrigerator. I wonder: do they sell the magnets in Tierra del Fuego?


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