Hawaii Plans Bike Sharing, Obama Tours

I like to check in periodically to see what’s going on in Hawaii because I enjoy tormenting myself, especially when the frost is thick on the Subaru.

Looks like entrepreneurs on Oahu are planning to start a bike-sharing program in June. Swipe a credit card, ride across Honolulu and return the bike to another rack. And be sure to return the bike — the charge is $900 if you don’t.

And some Obama-related tours are starting to spring up in Honolulu, where the president-elect spent most of his youth. The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau has gotten into the act, if a bit belatedly, with a Barack Obama’s Hawaii page on its Web site.

Interesting that the photo at the top of the page is an unflattering one of Obama shoving shave ice into his face. (I mean, it’s not flattering to Obama. The shave ice looks delicious.) And that Hawaii’s Republican governor is being criticized for a perceived snub of Obama.

As always: just sayin’.


One thought on “Hawaii Plans Bike Sharing, Obama Tours

  1. Ropate

    There’s also a self-guided tour of Obamaland available on http://www.obamasneighborhood.com. It’s got more biographical info and maps than the The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau site. There’s an interesting photograph on the site of “Obama” graffiti that young Barry wrote in wet cement at his high school. Very human and very 16 year old!


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