Slow Security Lanes Open At Bradley

Of course, the TSA isn’t calling them slow lanes. They’re “family lanes.” And now Bradley has them, too.

Either way, it’s a good idea.

Travelers who need extra time to get through security — because they’re with children, have unusual items to clear or just aren’t familiar with security procedures — can get out of the way of hard-charging business travelers and opt into the family lane. Everybody should be happier that way.

Sure, sometimes people won’t realize they need to be in the family lane. Kind of like those people who drive in the far left lane on the highway at 50 mph, chatting on their cell phones.

But I think most people will get it. People with strollers and other impedimentia don’t tend to enjoy the grumbling and impatience building up behind them a whole lot more than the grumblers enjoy waiting.

Puts me in mind of a scene at the Honolulu airport last month. The husband and I were stuck at security behind a couple who adjusted their luggage, removed their shoes and examined every article in their pockets at such a ponderous and leisurely pace that the guy behind us nearly collapsed in apoplexy.

I thought it was funny. But I wasn’t in a rush.


One thought on “Slow Security Lanes Open At Bradley

  1. Kate

    This is a good idea. I saw this for the first time not too long ago, and I have to admit that it confused me terribly. There was a very official looking sign that said something like “business travelers”. Not being a business traveler, I didn’t venture into that lane. Instead, I got in the regular line and watched a few people in suits speed on through the other lane. When I saw another sign that said something like “casual but experienced travelers” I finally got it. They were trying to break people down into lanes based on their travel experience (i.e. security experience). However, since no announcement was made and most of us had never seen this before, pretty much everybody stayed in the Family line, not wanting to risk losing their spot in line by going into the wrong lane. Once people pick up on this, though, I think it’ll be a great improvement.


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