Qantas: Australian For ‘Oops?’

Two Qantas 747s being towed at a maintenance facility in Australia collided today, damaging both. (This sort of thing is also known, apparently, as a “prang.”)

One of the 747s was under repair because an oxygen canister exploded and blew a whacking big hole in the fuselage at 30,000 feet over the South China Sea in July. So it’s back to the hangar for a little touch-up on that baby.

I feel kind of bad bringing this up because Qantas has an excellent safety record, overall. But it’s hard to avoid noticing the recent run of unfortunate incidents, including the explosion and a strange, unexplained nosedive that injured 30 people last month.

Of course, this latest incident could have been worse. Commented one reader on the Herald Sun boards: “I’d rather they collide on the ground than 38,000ft in the air.”


One thought on “Qantas: Australian For ‘Oops?’

  1. Maryanne

    Prang is an excellent word. Always makes me think of airplanes with their noses buried in the ground and their tails up in the air in a vertical position, a position in which an airplanes should not be found.


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