Passengers ‘Should’ Have Rights

Here’s the fatal flaw in the guidelines approved by the so-called tarmac task force on how airlines treat passengers stuck on grounded planes: the word “should.”

Airlines should take care of passengers. Here’s one recommendation:

When practical, refreshments and entertainment should be made available to passengers confined aboard aircraft awaiting takeoff.

When practical? Should? The airlines should always have taken care of their passengers. It’s an obligation and they’ve adopted voluntary guidelines over and over again. But time and again they’ve failed.

How about must and always? How about the three-hour time limit for holding passengers aboard waiting aircraft? How about a law instead of another weak set of voluntary guidelines that can be ignored without penalty?

Passenger rights activist Kate Hanni calls the task force’s action an “insult to airline passengers” and she’s right. 

We shouldn’t have expected more from a panel dominated by the airline industry. Time for Congress to get back in this act and take care of it.

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One thought on “Passengers ‘Should’ Have Rights

  1. Don

    The tarmac task force appears to have been pimped over by the airline industry. When the IRS concludes that I “should” pay taxes, this shamelessly watered-down nonsense will be acceptable. Until then, this just isn’t good enough.


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