Ryanair Looks Longingly Toward United States

The Boston Globe noticed that when Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, suggests that he’s going to fly people between Europe and Boston for $13 or so, it sounds both familiar and unlikely.

Familiar because he said pretty much the same thing back in April 2007, before oil prices went through the roof. Back then he was talking about flying into Providence, not Boston, but  Ryanair has always been generously vague about its destinations.

And unlikely because, well, he doesn’t have the aircraft to do it with. O’Leary said the recession could drive other airlines out of business, making cheap long-haul aircraft available and enabling him to start a sister airline for transatlantic service. Lot of “ifs” there.

Anyway, let us remember that Ryanair is the ultra-no-frills discount airline that Skybus was trying to emulate. It gets two stars in the Skytrax airline reviews, which makes it the equivalent of U.S. airlines like … oh, wait. No U.S. airlines get a rating that low. Not even Spirit.

Well, what do you want for $13?


One thought on “Ryanair Looks Longingly Toward United States

  1. Dominic Bond

    I honestly believe Ryanair will run flights from USA to UK for $13. Last year 5 of us flew from London to Rome for 10p round trip, yes! 16 cents for 5 people return! I also had other flights (to Denmark, Spain and Norway) for 1p each way. Check their website today cos they are doing £10 flights including tax. Next week it may be £1 or £15! Of course if you book up at the last minute or book a popular flight you could be paying £100 ($160).


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