Momondo: Great For Booking Off The Beaten Flight Path

I was reminded lately, when I was looking for fares to get my sister from Myanmar back to the United States, about the value of Momondo.

I first learned of this Danish fare search Web site about a year ago from Arthur Frommer’s excellent and informative blog. He tested it against other airfare search engines and online travel agencies and found that it often returned lower fares, even on domestic flights in the United States.

Momondo gathers information the way Google does — by sending “bots” to scrape data from airline Web sites. This provides it with fares from a very wide range of airlines, including many regional and discount airlines that don’t always appear in search results on big online travel sites.

It seems to me so far that the big travel sites (Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak or Sidestep) generally have more flexible search tools. The fares they collect and display are a little more reliable. And those are still the sites I consult when searching for a domestic fare.

But Momondo’s results are broader, covering more airlines.

In my sister’s case, Momondo turned up fares on Air Asia between Yangon and Bangkok that I couldn’t find elsewhere.By booking that fare separately instead of buying the round trip turned up by the other booking sites, my sister could cut the total cost of the trip nearly in half.


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