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Time For Europe, Or At Least Canada

Lower oil prices are pushing airfares down, and are helping to strengthen the U.S. dollar. Meanwhile, falling demand is creating travel bargains across the spectrum, from hotels to package tours to cruises.

All this is making Europe mighty attractive. Combine the advantages of a weaker euro with weak demand for plane seats and hotel rooms, and you get a wide range of bargains. Add the usual off-season discounts, particularly between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it gets even cheaper.

If Europe is too far and still too expensive for you, Canada provides an alternative. The Canadian dollar has dropped from parity to about 80 cents to the U.S. dollar, creating a currency exchange bonanza within driving distance for many of us.

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Obese Airline Passengers Get Break In Canada

Passengers who need more than one airline seat because of obesity or a disability won’t have to pay for the additional seat in Canada.

The Canadian Supreme Court has rejected an appeal of the rule by the airlines, so Air Canada and WestJet will have to change their policies.

The obesity provision is certainly the most contentious aspect of the case. 

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Hawaii Slow To Cash In On Obama

The city of Chicago is working feverishly to pull in tourist dollars after Illinois’ junior senator, Barack Obama, was elected president of the United States.

Experience Presidential Chicago, urges the Web site of the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau. Tours and guides are popping up all over the Windy City.

But wait. Didn’t Obama grow up in Hawaii? What’s up there?

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