Photo: Bryce Canyon, Utah

I took this photo in July 2001 from the rim of Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. I was transfixed by the endless weird red rock spires. They’re called hoodoos, which seems to fit.

I almost decided not to visit Bryce Canyon National Park, after having spent a few days camping at Zion National Park. But I decided at the last minute to make the 90-mile drive before heading back to Las Vegas for an overnight in a hotel room — and a shower — before my flight home.

There wasn’t much time to explore. But in a few hours I managed to walk around a bit on the canyon floor and get a sense of what the early settler Ebenezer Bryce meant when he called it “a hell of a place to lose a cow.”

It’s also a hell of a place to meet a chipmunk. On the rim of the canyon, one little fellow followed me, hopping from fence post to fence post, begging for a snack.

I know that I didn’t spend nearly enough time at Bryce Canyon, and I do intend to return.


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