Talking Politics In Foreign Climes

Americans traveling abroad are getting hammered with questions about the presidential election, according to USA Today.

I believe it. The article deals with business travelers, but the same thing happens to leisure travelers. The husband and I had a long, and fortunately cordial, discussion about the election with a Canadian couple on our recent cruise.

They clearly knew far more about U.S. politics than we did about Canadian politics. I was glad that I at least remembered Canada was having an election, too, so I could inquire politely about that.

This interest in U.S. politics is not a new phenomenon. I remember a Dutch tourist in Jamaica asking me who would win the 1988 presidential election. And I’ve been questioned, and lectured, about U.S. politics by cab drivers and hotel clerks all over the place for years.

But the USA Today piece suggests the interest is much higher now than in previous years, and that some business people are having a hard time dealing with it.


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