Photo: Santiago de Compostela, Spain

I took this photo in April 2007 in Santiago de Compostela, in the province of Galicia in northern Spain.


My daughter, Kate Symmonds, is walking back from dinner on a rainy evening with my father, Jerry Leblanc, on the paved granite streets. The limitations of my point-and-shoot digital camera,  which are sometimes quite frustrating, created a blurred and misty atmospher that I find enchanting.

Kate and my mother, Mary Leblanc, had just finished a pilgrimage to Santiago. They walked 70 miles in six days along a route established in medieval times.

My father met them in Santiago with me and my husband, Don Stacom.

Very few of the favorite travel photos I’ve been publishing here have people I know in them. I usually focus outward on the people and places we’re visiting. But this one reinforces to me the pleasure of traveling to wonderful places with the people you love.

I suppose this photograph might seem melancholy, but as I remember that night it seems to me very warm and peaceful.


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