Argentina Getting Even On Visa Charges

Argentina is planning to charge American visitors a $131 entry fee to match the amount the United States charges Argentinians to apply for a tourist visa.

Seems fair enough. The United States has a similar policy of reciprocity on visa issuance fees, though it doesn’t count what it considers application fees. (And it considers the $131 an application fee.)

Still, I think Argentina’s fee might be counterproductive.

Argentina has established itself as a budget destination, largely because of a very favorable exchange rate for many currencies, including the U.S. dollar. But Reuters reports that the international financial crisis has caused a sharp drop in tourism in Argentina.

U.S. citizens,  unused to paying visa fees, may balk even more now. And tourists from other countries are under similar pressure.


One thought on “Argentina Getting Even On Visa Charges

  1. Wilbur

    Politics over economy always!!
    Brazil actually requires a visa (and sometimes charges up to $220 for it)… so American Tourists have to hassle with the money and the paperwork… but its worth it.
    Chile charges the fee and tends to catch people by surprise…
    No doubt all the countries tourism businesses have and will suffer from this polices. From a political perspective, these visa and fees are a good idea… but is politics really more important that the mighty tourist dollar?


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