Daily Archives: October 16, 2008

Concerns Raised About Pratt Engines

Inspectors have raised questions about the safety of the Pratt & Whitney engines on hundreds of Boeing 757s, the Associated Press reports.

The National Transportation Safety Board found problems in PW2037 engines on a Delta 757 that had an uncontained engine failure — that’s when pieces of the engine go flying off  — Aug. 6 in Las Vegas. An  investigation found that some retaining lugs in the engine were cracked and parts of them were missing.

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Argentina Getting Even On Visa Charges

Argentina is planning to charge American visitors a $131 entry fee to match the amount the United States charges Argentinians to apply for a tourist visa.

Seems fair enough. The United States has a similar policy of reciprocity on visa issuance fees, though it doesn’t count what it considers application fees. (And it considers the $131 an application fee.)

Still, I think Argentina’s fee might be counterproductive.

Argentina has established itself as a budget destination, largely because of a very favorable exchange rate for many currencies, including the U.S. dollar. But Reuters reports that the international financial crisis has caused a sharp drop in tourism in Argentina.

U.S. citizens,  unused to paying visa fees, may balk even more now. And tourists from other countries are under similar pressure.