My Weird Vibram Shoes

When a couple of thousand people spend time together on a cruise, a few stand out. The winner of the belly-flop contest, the karaoke champion, the guy with the spectacular tattoo.

With me, it’s the shoes.

“What ARE those,” people ask, pointing at my Vibram Five-Finger shoes.

shoes.jpgThe idea of these shoes is that they simulate going barefoot, strengthening the foot muscles and getting the toes involved in the whole deal. They can go in the water, too, though there’s a different model that’s made for watersports. So, anyway, I love them, and I wear them just about all the time. (OK,not to the formal dinners.)

The only drawback is that it can take some effort to wiggle the toes into them.

While they have proven popular with my fellow passsengers, the people running the ship’s gym were not pleased. I had to negotiate a deal where I’m allowed to use the cardio equipment but not the weights while wearing the five-finger shoes.


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