Late Dinner Seating Pays Off

The husband and I always choose the second dinner seating when we cruise, which means we sit down to eat around 8 or 8:30. This is late for us, but it’s worth it for several reasons.

First, it gives us more time in port. The early seatings start around 6 p.m., which means that passengers with that seating have to get back on the ship by then if they want dinner in the dining room. On occasions when the ship will be in port later, that’s annoying.

Also, as we’ve found on our most recent cruise, the second seating is usually less popular. That usually means it’s less crowded in the dining roomk, quieter, and the waitstaff has more time for you. That’s never bad.

We’ve also found that the hours of the first seating, from 6 to 8 p.m., can be a great time to enjoy the public areas of the ship while it’s still early and half the passengers are occupied. Can you say “empty hot tub?”

Many people who are early risers find the second seating difficult, and I can understand that. Others worry that they’ll get too hungry, but that shouldn’t be an impedicment. Show me a cruise ship where you can’t get a snack in the afternoon.


One thought on “Late Dinner Seating Pays Off

  1. Sanchez

    As this is a matter of preference I can only say what works for me. My wife and I always enjoy the early seating as it is more convenient for us. When we go ashore we never stay until 4 or 5, we always head beack to the ship by 2 or 3 the latest. This gives us time to shower and rest before dinner, so early dinner is not a rush for us at all. We found out that when you take late seating you miss out on some shows that you really want to see. And evening shows usually start between 8 and 9pm. Early seating also is better for your health as most dietitians will tell you never eat heavey meals after 8 and definitely not after 10. One could go on with getting 8 hours sleep (even though you are on vacation). Also if I eat early I also have the option of retiring early or late. There are pro’s and con’s to both sides, I personally think early seating has the best pro’s on its side.


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