Photo: Convento de Santa Isabel, Toledo, Spain

I took this photo in April 2007, from the rooftop deck of the Santa Isabel Hotel in Toledo, Spain. It shows the roof of the Convento de Santa Isabel.


I kept climbing up to that deck, over and over, drawn by the beauty of the city and by the incredible calm. I had never been in such a silent city. There were virtually no cars sounds, no honking, no radios, no noise.

The streets in that part of the city are so narrow that cars can drive through only at low speeds, and only the occasional motorbike would raise the decibel level. It was possible to imagine, if I ignored the television satellite dishes and a few other signs of modernity, that I was in a medieval city.

The convent roof was especially interesting to me because of the pigeons that lived there, dodging in and out of the roof tiles and wall niches. I could watch them forever.


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