Why Visit Las Vegas?

Some people disapprove of Las Vegas, and they’ll let you know about it. That’s not going to stop me from going there.

I like Las Vegas for the same reason I like Disney World. It’s fun.

I will concede that Las Vegas is not for everyone. It’s certainly not for children, despite a marketing effort aimed at families a few years back. The sidewalk litter of discarded handouts advertising female companionship are enough to kill that vibe.

And some people may feel uncomfortable in a totally artificial environment, a created oasis in a desert landscape. I can understand that.

But if you think you might enjoy Las Vegas, you probably would. Because it’s interesting.

It’s also a cost-effective vacation, especially of late because hotel occupancy is down and deals abound. It doesn’t have to cost much if you stay away from the gambling and just treat it like a big, opulent, sight-seeing adventure. Kind of like Versailles.

Here’s what to see for free:

The dancing fountains at the Bellagio:

Also, the exuberant Dale Chihuly glass ceiling in the Bellagio lobby and the hotel’s elaborate conservatory.

The fake canals and gondolas at the Venetian are fun, and the lions at the MGM Grand are worth a visit.

Some people enjoy the overhead light show at the Fremont Street Experience downtown, though it isn’t really my kind of thing.

Mostly, I just enjoy walking down the Strip, because I’m never quite sure what I’m going to run into.



One thought on “Why Visit Las Vegas?

  1. Las Vegas Managing Editor

    Thank you SO MUCH for noting that Las Vegas is not family friendly. This city has not been family friendly since the 90’s, yet some (less imformed) travel writers along with comedians and others keep perpetuating the myth.
    With the soft economy, the current room rates more than make up for the higher airfare (especially if you can visit 4-5 days). You couldn’t come close to getting a hotel like Wynn Las Vegas or Bellagio, Venetian and similar in other cites for close to the price you can stay at one of Las Vegas’ top resorts.
    Great post!
    Ted Newkirk
    Managing Editor


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