From Alitalia to Ike, Vacationers Taking It On The Chin

It just has not been a good week to travel in many parts of the world lately.

Struggling Alitalia may stop flying at any minute because it can’t afford fuel. A fire closed the channel tunnel. Hurricane Ike messed up cruises and other vacations, big time. And a major British tour operator went under, stranding thousands of customers.

Hurricane Ike damaged the port facilities in Galveston so badly that Carnival had to divert two ships to New Orleans and cancel at least two upcoming cruises. The fate of the vehicles that cruise passsengers left at the port in Galveston is in doubt.

The channel tunnel, or chunnel, between Britain and France has reopened but with limited services after a fire last week injured six people.

Negotiations are continuing for some kind of last-minute bailout of the Italian airline Alitalia, but there were warnings that it could go under this week.

The collapse of XL Leisure, Britain’s third largest tour company, stranded 85,000 vacationers at least temporarily. Another, smaller tour company,  K&S Travel, bellied up shortly afterward


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