Hawaii Tourism Director In Trouble Over Emails

The director of the Hawaii Tourism Authority forwarded racist and sexist jokes from his office computer, the Honolulu Advertiser reports.

One joke referred to Barack Obama as a “coon” and Hillary Clinton as a “beaver.” A video contained derogatory terms for Hispanics.

The director, Rex Johnson, had already been disciplined and had apologized for forwarding pornographic emails. The racist and sexist jokes were not revealed until after the newspaper obtained records of Johnson’s emails under a freedom of information request.

Johnson didn’t write the emails. He just forwarded them, and apparently not from his official email account. The copies of  two emails attached to the Advertiser story appear to be from his private Yahoo! account

Still, that kind of thinking doesn’t seem to fit with the warm, welcoming approach one expects from the guy in charge of persuading people to visit a tourist destination. You know, all kinds of people. Black ones and female ones, even.


2 thoughts on “Hawaii Tourism Director In Trouble Over Emails

  1. Ed Farsnam

    Yes, and because of the corruption in Hawaii he will probably get away with it. It’s the Good Ol’ Boys Hawaiian Style.
    More disturbing is that the Hawaii Tourism Authority had a hearing that was well publicized and somehow we, the public were led to believe that he had emailed only sexual emails.
    The racist factor was not revealed and it brings up the question “why was that hidden?”.
    A few weeks ago, the board decided to dock his pay from $240K a year (that’s 5 grand a week folks) to $200K a year ($4 grand a week).
    What he possibly brings to the table to deserve that kind of pay I would like to know.

  2. Joe

    This is a Witch Hunt.
    Email for most companies if it contains inappropriate content it is filtered out to not reach the recipients email account.
    The Director of Information Technology for the state should resign since he does not have any such filters to prevent inappropriate email from entering the users of government email accounts.
    Looks like someone was setting up the Hawaii Tourism Director.
    This practice was done at Shriners Hospital and the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific to get rid of staff. They employed a sick IT Manager to set staff up.


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