Cruise Ships Change Itineraries To Save Fuel

Cruise ships are saving on fuel by visiting ports that are closer together and leaving them earlier, the Associated Press reports.

Of course, traveling shorter distances saves fuel. And so does leaving port at an earlier hour because it allows the ship to sail more slowly to its next destination.

This may not be the only reason ships leave port at 5 or 6 p.m. these days, instead of staying until 9 or 10 like they used to. Getting passengers back on board earlier gets more of their money back on board, where it can be spent at the bar, the casino, the shops, the spa …

I don’t suppose I can blame the cruise lines, in any event, but I do miss the days when ships would routinely stay in port late.

Anyhow, the AP story suggests that the beneficiaries of this trend may include the small, closely spaced ports of New England. Including, I would think, New London …



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