Cruise Ship Passengers Angry Over Itinerary Change

Hurricanes in the Caribbean are forcing cruise ships off their planned itineraries, but none so drastically as the Carnival Miracle, reports Gene Sloan in USA Today’s Cruise Log blog.

The ship was headed from New York to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, but only made it to the Bahamas. When the weather got too rough, the ship turned around and headed to Newport, R.I. Passengers who expected to be basking in the Caribbean were none too happy.

The blog entry reports that some passengers were so angry with the way the itinerary change was handled that they withheld tips for the staff. I hope not. It surely isn’t the fault of those hard-working waiters and cabin attendants.


One thought on “Cruise Ship Passengers Angry Over Itinerary Change

  1. Chris

    I was also on this cruise, and had an awesome time.
    1st of all, the comments made by the captain were taken out of context. He stated on the 1st night that if he was a rude person, then he could easily just pick us up in NY, drop us off in NY, and whatever happens in between is none of our business. However, he made this comment as a joke, and always kept us informed as to the changes in the itenirery, and our ports of call. Some people have taken this comment totally out of context.
    At the end of the day he was looking after our safety 1st. In addition the weather was perfect every single day with the exception of yesterday in Rhode Island (There was alot of fog). The people that were protesting were just acting like animals in my opinion, and pretty much ruined the vacation for themselves. I was even speaking to a lady who was one of the protesters, and asked her why she was getting so revved up stressed. She told me that in addition to the changed ports of call, he biggest complaint was that she was sea sick and just wanted to be taken back to NY. When I tried to explain to her that the sea sickness would be a million times worse if we mad a run for our original ports of call, she went ballastic on me .
    I am grateful for the wonerful weather, the wonderful service on board, and the fact that we were even able to get to the Bahamas (better than nothing). Looking at the current weather along the coast, I feel sorry for the current passengers on board the Miracle (departing NY today) as they may have to go North.
    As for that lawyer who stirred up the riot, in my opinion is a total idiot. He was only trying to be the centre of attention, and I was disgusted with the manner in which he addressed the captain. “I demand that you call your head office, and get us full refunds.” If Carnival was planning on giving us someting (i.e. a discount voucher on the next cruise), this idiot lawyer has just ensured that they will give us nothing. In addition, he asked the passengers to remove the $80 tips charge from their accounts. To me, that was disgracefull, and I wonder how he can actually sleep at night. Apparently this same guy has caused trouble on previous cruises. If I had the chance, I would’ve kicked him overboard, along with those other animals who were not only ruining the cruise for themselves, but trying to ruin it for the other passengers, as well as taking out their frustrations on the crew members. Shame on u all! U cry out for a full refund, yet continue to eat the wonerful food and take advantage of the wonderful entertainment. Animals I say!


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