Today, I Miss Spain

The trouble with travel, or maybe the blessing of it, is that some days I feel a yearning to be in a particular place where I am not.

Today it’s Spain, particularly Cordoba, where the husband and I spent too little time before we had to return to Madrid, the airport and home. Right now, I’m drinking a glass of a really pleasant Rioja that tastes just like Spain, but I think it only makes it worse.


Maybe tomorrow I’ll miss another place.


One thought on “Today, I Miss Spain

  1. mleep

    Aahhh, Cordoba. I had such a wonderful time there.
    I remember heading out to dinner one evening and being passed by a few high school or junior high school aged girls, all dressed in their school uniforms. Without warning they all burst into song together, like a flock of beautiful birds. I was told they were singing a popular love song. There was such a sweetness about Cordoba that these girls typified for me.
    Since then, I have traveled much of Spain and have many stories. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss Spain.


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