United Backs Down, Mostly

United Airlines has changed its mind about charging for meals in coach on transatlantic flights, but not about scaling back its food service in business class on domestic flights.

The business class thing wouldn’t seem to be a very big deal. United has a business class on only about 16 domestic transcontinental flights a day. But the change is appears to be vastly unpopular with business travelers.

The airlines are trying desperately these days to figure out who they can afford to piss off. It’s getting so there’s not much more they can do to coach passengers, except perhaps forcing us to ride on the wing or wait on the first-class passengers. 

And the employees? The ones that are left? They’re already furious.

But messing with the lucrative trade of the business traveler is a risky ploy, too.

It might seem that it’s simply time to raise airfares, but United’s latest attempt may not take hold.


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