Ryanair Jet Depressurizes, Drops 26,000 Feet

What’s up with the depressurization thing? Last month it was a Qantas 747 and a Continental flight. Monday it was a Ryanair 737.

Seems to me, one used to go years without hearing about depressurized aircraft. Or was I just not paying attention?

The Ryanair jet made an emergency landing in France after the cabin depressurized and the plane dropped 26,000 feet in about five minutes, a French official told the Associated Press. That’s five miles in five minutes.

Britain’s aptly named Sky News has a dramatic account of the incident, which appears to have been utterly terrifying.

“It actually felt like someone had opened a door at the back of the aircraft,” a passenger told Sky News. “There was a roar of wind and a rush of cold air and almost instantaneously the oxygen masks dropped and for the first second or two you just didn’t know what was going on.”

The news coverage of these incidents always interests me, especially differences in the headlines:

Financial Times: Ryanair flight makes unscheduled landing

BBC: Forced landing for Ryanair flight

The Sun: Terror as jet plunges 22000ft

Daily Mail: Passenger hell as jet plunges 26,000ft in five minutes after a drop in cabin pressure


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