Airline Internet Hacked

American Airlines just launched its in-flight Internet service to great fanfare with a promise that it would block VOIP – Voice-over-Internet protocol – so passenger can’t use it to make phone calls.

Within days, hackers found a way around the block and were talking away on their Internet in the sky, reports Wired’s Autopia blog.

Sigh. It was bound to happen.

I’m all for in-flight Internet and all against in-flight phone calls because, folks, when we’re forced to sit so close to each other, we need to stay strangers. Go ahead, lose yourself in your email and your Web surfing. Go wild. All I have to do is turn my head and I’ll have no idea what you’re up to.

But if you yak away on the phone — or the computer — I have no choice. We will be on intimate terms.

And we don’t want to be, I guarantee you. My life would bore you. God knows, it scarcely keeps me awake. And your life? Please. It’s not nearly as interesting as you think.


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