Reading Plane Crash News While Flying

Suzanne Marta of the Dallas Morning News was live blogging for the Airline Biz blog on an American Airlines flight with its new on-board Internet service when she read about the Spanair crash.

“It was discomfiting to say the least,” she wrote.

Yikes. I can see that. It’s a factor I hadn’t considered – learning of a plane crash while you’re in the air.

It reminds me of a friend’s story. He was flying back from France on Sept. 11, 2001 when the flight was diverted to Newfoundland. He had a radio, which he held up to the window so that he was just barely able to hear news broadcasts about the terror attacks and relay them to other passengers and cabin crew.

With in-flight Internet, news is going to spread even faster on board planes. American just started rolling out wi-fi, Delta says it will wire its entire domestic fleet within the next year, and United, Southwest and Alaska airlines are all testing it.

I’m all for it, but I wonder whether nervous fliers might want to stay off news sites.


One thought on “Reading Plane Crash News While Flying

  1. delta

    Whichever airline carrier (Delta maybe) gets this first across their fleet will snatch many business class flyers. I personally hate flying because all of my work is done on the internet. If my flight had internet access their would be no downfall to flying for me.
    I can’t wait till they have internet access on all major flights out of Atlanta. This would change my world and allow me to fly more often.


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