Alternative Fuel For Airlines?

I just ran across an interesting Associated Press story about fuel alternatives for the airline industry. (It was published last week. I’m having time-management issues.)

The alternatives under consideration include synthetic coal-based fuels, hydrogen, and biofuels made from seeds and oils. The AP reports that it’s unlikely these fuels will cost less and bring lower fares, but they may lead to greener and cleaner air travel.

Which is all good, but I am concerned about the biofuels thing. If the airlines aren’t going to feed us – and they clearly are not – won’t it be pure torture to fly around in a giant tube that smells like a french fry?


One thought on “Alternative Fuel For Airlines?

  1. Dave Patrick

    Good one about the french fry smell, Jeanne.
    But I’d be more worried if they started using methane collected from cow…ahhhh…how do I put this delicately…?
    Never mind…I don’t think I can put it delicately…but I think you know what I mean…


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