Carnival Cruise Lines Reclassifying Cabins

Carnival Cruise Lines is reclassifying all the cabins on all its ships, further splicing its categories to add more price differentials based on location.

As Carnival explains to travel agents:

Guests can now choose staterooms that best meet their needs, whether their preference is mid-ship, aft or forward. They can also choose a stateroom based on [its] proximity to key public areas and specific decks.

So, you see, it’s all about choice for the passengers! No, just kidding. We always had a choice. It’s about paying for the choice.

I can’t blame Carnival all that much. This is pretty much what the airlines have been doing – $10 for an aisle seat, $25 for an exit row, etc. etc.

It’s just that it takes the fun out of planning travel. Passengers have always had a chance at a slightly better seat or a slightly better cabin if they planned ahead and did their research. On cruise forums, people trade tips about cabins that have a little extra space or a slightly bigger balcony or a nice situation out of the wind.

Now it will all be laid out by the cruise company, priced up and added on. And where’s the thrill of the hunt if you get exactly what you paid for?


One thought on “Carnival Cruise Lines Reclassifying Cabins

  1. jane789

    It’s no different than what hotels have always done. The better view costs more – the corner room costs more than that. A big difference is that in a hotel, they aren’t always full, so when you check in they aren’t opposed to free upgrades. Carnival, on the other hand, always is full or almost full.


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