Go Where It’s Cheap

Want a good vacation, cheap? Go where it’s cheap.

This may seem obvious, but it’s not the way most people approach the choice of a vacation destination. First, they decide where they want to go. Then they try to find a bargain.

Better to figure out where the deals are and decide you want to go there. Here’s my four-step Internet-based way to find those bargain destinations:

First, find a cheap airfare. You can do this on airfarewatchdog.com or Kayak Buzz. Type in the airport you want to leave from and it will list some of the lowest fares from that airport to, well, wherever.

Nothing strike your fancy? Head over to Frommer’s and have a look at the daily newsletter and Arthur Frommer’s blog. They’re packed with deals and tips.

No dice? Travelzoo lays out vacation packages, hotel deals and airfare bargains in its daily deals and weekly Top 20 list. Even if you’ve already chosen a destination, Travelzoo may help you nail down a hotel deal.

What? Still looking? Get on over to Budget Travel‘s Real Deals section for another list of vacation packages and hotel deals.

You might find exactly what you’re looking for on one of these sites, and you might not. But you can’t help coming away with a sense of where the deals are. These are the places around the world where demand is not meeting the supply of hotel rooms, cruise ship cabins or airline seats.

Take advantage of it.


2 thoughts on “Go Where It’s Cheap

  1. Dennis Paul Himes

    What you’re missing is that for many people the most important asset they spend on a vacation is not money, but time. People have a limited number of vacation days, and a day spent is a day spent regardless of where they go. It’s not that money is irrelevant, but considering the cost of a vacation as a fixed time cost plus a variable monetary cost makes the ratio of costs for different destinations closer to one, which makes the ratio of benefits for those destinations more significant.

  2. Jeanne Leblanc

    Hi Dennis,
    Not sure I’m missing that point. It just wasn’t what I was writing about. It’s indeed true that sometimes you just want to go where you want to go. I have such a trip coming up.


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