Bargain Transportation In Las Vegas

The kid recently took a short trip to Las Vegas, armed with research on various ways to get from the airport to her off-Strip hotel.

An $18 taxi ride? No way! A $6 shuttle ride? Too much! A $3.25 bus trip? That’s the ticket.

Kate and her boyfriend, Greg, caught a bus from the airport to the South Strip Transfer Terminal, where they transferred to another bus, called the Deuce. “The Deuce was pretty cool because it’s two decks so you can sit up top and look out the window as it drives down the Strip,” Kate wrote. 

They took the Deuce to the Strip, and transferred onto a free shuttle to their hotel, The Orleans. The Deuce stops often and takes on lots of passengers (it holds nearly 100 people) so the whole trip from airport to hotel took about an hour. But it included some great sightseeing. And the only way to beat the price would be to walk (in 105-degree heat).
Kate and Greg later took the Deuce downtown, to Fremont Street. “That was a really great experience because we got to see parts of the Strip we wouldn’t have been able to walk to,” Kate wrote. “We saw the Sahara, Circus Circus, Slots of Fun, the Strat (SO COOL) and eventually Fremont Street.” Among the other passengers was a wedding party, with bride and groom.
The Deuce runs all through the night, and is scheduled to come about every 15 minutes. Of course, actual results may vary. Kate and Greg waited 30 minutes on the Strip for the Deuce to take them to Fremont Street. Finally three buses arrived together.
They did the whole thing in reverse to get back to the airport, and it worked out great. But Kate advises leaving plenty of time in case the buses are delayed. And she said it would be awkward to take a lot of luggage on the bus – so you should look for an alternative if you have more than a carry-on or two.
“Those buses do get crowded, and it can sometimes be a challenge to get off of them because there’re so many people standing in the aisles,” she warned.

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