The FAA Should Listen To Pilots About Fuel And Safety

Some pilots say the airlines, desperate to cut costs, are forcing them to fly without enough fuel for comfort.

The airlines say it’s not so, that the pilots are complaining as part of a pressure tactic in contract negotiations.

FAA spokesman Les Dorr says: “We can’t dabble in the business policies or the personnel policies of an airline.”

What? If there’s any question that the business and personnel policies force the personnel to fly without enough fuel, the FAA has a responsibility to get involved. If it’s not true and the pilots are wrong, an investigation will determine that.

It can’t be OK to take a serious allegation that passenger safety is being compromised and declare it none of the government’s business.

As a passenger, I know I’ll feel more comfortable if the pilot decides how much fuel we need – not an accountant or executive in a corporate office. I work in an industry that’s in a financial crisis, and I’ve seen how that can affect decisions about the resources needed to get the job done. (But in my industry, only the computers crash.)

So if the airlines and pilots can’t agree on what constitutes sufficient fuel, I’d like an outside expert to intervene. The FAA ought to settle that issue, or hand it over to an agency that will.


One thought on “The FAA Should Listen To Pilots About Fuel And Safety

  1. faahope

    If you are expecting any help from the FAA you must be smoking something. The FAA is endangering the entire U.S. and know one even knows. If you read directive 1900.57B on their website page 4 they are getting money to train the controllers and technical operation people for emergencies like when radar goes down or their is a disaster. I know air traffic controllers that have never seen their contingency plan let alone be trained on them. For instance look at Memphis ARTCC center it goes to ATCZero last September and not one of the surrounding 5 ARTCC center assumes that air space not even a part of it.. On May 13 I was at a public meeting in West Palm Beach with the FAA and according to Rick Ducharme Deputy Vise President Of Terminal Services their has never been one ARTCC assuming another’s air space. Think about this, the 3 west coast ARTCC centers are hit with a disaster that leaves our entire West coast open. Do you really think we are safe?


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