Delta Going All Wi-Fi

Here’s an airline fee I won’t gripe about: paying for Internet access on board flights.

Delta says it will have its entire domestic fleet wired by the middle of next year. The plan is to charge $9.95 for flights of three hours or less and $12.95 for longer flights. I’ll pay that, and gladly, as long as the connection is decent.

This is a smart move. Delta wants the cash infusion and passengers want the service. People aren’t likely to complain much because it’s something new, not something they used to get at no extra charge.

Several other airlines are dipping their toes into this pond, but it looks like Delta is going to do the cannonball that gets the party started.


One thought on “Delta Going All Wi-Fi

  1. Don

    $10 is surprisingly reasonable, given that passengers make a completely captive audience.
    The old Airfone fees were outrageous (something like $5 a minute).


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