US Airways’ Fee Too Far

It’s simply wrong to charge for drinking water on a commercial aircraft. It’s also stupid. And that’s why US Airways should stop it.

It’s hard to understand why the laws that require free potable water in such public places as movie theaters and amusement parks don’t seem to apply to airlines. But then, it shouldn’t have to be a law. It should just be a matter of common decency.

And when we talk about potable water, let’s not count the yucky water in a plane’s holding tanks. Not only does it taste horrible, some of it is contaminated, according to the EPA.

Now, I’m not saying US Airways should have to hand out free bottles of water, although that would be nice. I’m saying it should pour a cup of water out of a quart bottle for any passenger who’s thirsty. And for no other reason than that they’re thirsty.

Not because they’re sitting in first class. Not because they’re in “medical distress.” Not because they paid $2. Because they’re thirsty.

There’s a reason that giving water to a thirsty stranger is so often a metaphor for human decency, kindness and compassion. Maybe people shouldn’t have to rely on strangers. Maybe they should be prepared, should carry their own water, should shell out the $2 for a bottle of it.

But if they didn’t, you’d give a thirsty person some water if you had it. Right?

So would US Airways flight attendants. So should US Airways management.


7 thoughts on “US Airways’ Fee Too Far

  1. Chris

    Leave the airlines alone.. They need to make money somehow.. if everyone complains so much then DRIVE! Pack your own food and drink and DRIVE! Water should be free but anything more is just somethig offered. Airlines should pull all food and soft drinks off planes.. People get so greedy nd want moe than one beverage or snack.. Quit complaining and get over it.. or buy the drink!

  2. BSmith

    Consider this; while that airliner is hauling you 5 miles above the earth, 9 tenths the speed of sound, it is burning the same amount of fuel as 10 home heating oil tanks every hr. The day is coming the only person that can afford to fly will be the person who owns that yuppy water factory…

  3. Jeanne Leblanc

    I fully expected a comment like this, misrepresenting what I wrote with the usual angry insults. You write, “Water should be free but anything more is just somethig offered.” I wrote “I’m not saying US Airways should have to hand out free bottles of water, although that would be nice. I’m saying it should pour a cup of water out of a quart bottle for any passenger who’s thirsty.”
    So, we agree. Did you realize that? Did you read the entry?

  4. John Crocker

    1. You should be hammering the TSA to let pax bring water through security.
    2. Take a large empty water bottle through security and fill it before boarding.

  5. Justin

    are you sure about using that example of movie theaters and amusement parks? I was under the impression that these are private businesses just like any other and not public places like many people seem to assume they are. Are there laws that require free potable water in these places? Why then, would they not extend to The Gap, Home Depot, or say a mom and pop antique shop or some such place? Or do they? Or is the distinction between them come down to the selling of food and drinks?

  6. Jeanne Leblanc

    There are OSHA regulations that require employers to provide potable water to their employees, and that may be why the movie theaters and amusement parks have water fountains. There are local health regulations involved, as well. Certainly I have never seen an amusement park or movie theater – or an airport gate – without water fountains.

  7. Lauren Cherneski

    Am I the only person who wishes they would simply increase the price of the ticket itself and just drop all these ridiculous fees? I miss the days where i paid for a ticket and it included on a nice bag of peanuts and a can of coke while also covering the cost of my checked baggage. I would much rather pay more at the time of purchase, than worry what all I’ll be charged for on my departure date. It just applies unnecessary stress on my already fairly anxious self.


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