More On Cruise Ship Art Auctions

Don’t know how I missed it, but the New York Times had a piece about two weeks back on art auctions at sea. (Thanks to Anita Dunham-Potter for the heads up in her MSNBC column.)

I’ve never been a fan of art auctions on cruise ships. I can’t think of any reason this would be a sensible way to spend time or money.

The Times story quotes several people who bought art while on a cruise for what they later came to believe were inflated prices. I was struck by this quote:

Jessica Darraby, a Los Angeles lawyer who recently helped two clients secure refunds for art purchases at sea from a company she would not identify, said the cruise lines should take more responsibility for the onboard art sales.

“People are not watching their wallets like they would on Times Square,” she said. ‘They are lulled into this belief they are in a very safe place.”


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