Passengers: Qantas Jet’s Oxygen Masks Faulty

Some oxygen masks failed to drop down and others didn’t work properly when the cabin of a Quantas Boeing 747 depressurized in flight near Manila on Friday, Agence France-Presse reports.

The story quotes passengers who said people had to share masks or smash ceiling panels to get at masks that weren’t deployed while children were screaming and starting to turn blue. One passenger said his mask fell off his face because the elastic band had deteriorated.

That’s a far cry from the weirdly calm procedure depicted in airline safety videos “in the event of a change in cabin pressure.”

It’s still not clear what ripped a hole in the side of the aircraft. Theories include metal fatigue, a bomb and the accidental explosion of an oxygen tank. Nobody has mentioned gremlins.


One thought on “Passengers: Qantas Jet’s Oxygen Masks Faulty

  1. Gibson Seeley

    Gee, if my oxygen mask fell off because of the strap I think that I would keep an eye on it sitting in my lap while I turned blue and passed out. The two choices if the mask does not show up. Sit there and then turn blue before passing out or find one pretty quick. As for the hole, I do not think gremlins. From what I have seen of them they prefer to play havoc with the powerplants. How about a kinetic ABM test that went horribly wrong. Nothing bigger than the size of a soda can should have dropped out of the sky that day. Who would want to take the one thing that Qantas has over the other airlines?


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