US Airways CEO: We’re Not Dropping Dead

There was an interesting article by Linda Lloyd in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday, based on an interview with US Airways CEO Doug Parker. Two things struck me, particularly.

First, that Parker felt a need to publicly declare that US Airways has a viable business.

Second, this very blunt prediction about what will happen if oil price stay high:

Airlines will start collecting $650 to $700 per passenger for a ticket. Planes will fly primarily to big cities, and not a lot of small communities. There will be many fewer flights. Air travel will be a throwback to the era before deregulation. Flying will be a luxury.

I believe that’s about right.


One thought on “US Airways CEO: We’re Not Dropping Dead

  1. jonathan mcgreely

    I believe your correct its more like the bus now with lower fares and full flights. I welcome the return to luxury travel of the seventies…..Jon


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