Some Hotels Benefitting From Near-cations

The husband and I decided to head toward Montreal on a Friday afternoon, stay overnight at some little motel on the way up and drive into Canada on Saturday morning.

Easier said than done.

First we tried for a discount hotel on Priceline, checking on routes through Vermont and through upstate New York. Forget it. No deals.

Then we tried discount hotel chains along both routes. Most were sold out and the rest were charging full rack rates.

We ended up at a very pleasant Comfort Inn in Montpelier, Vt., where an employee told us that business has picked up nicely of late. The hotel is full or nearly so every weekend, and she figured it has a lot to do with vacationers who are put off by the price of airline tickets and are choosing to drive to spots closer to home.


One thought on “Some Hotels Benefitting From Near-cations

  1. bucolic burlington

    I wonder if the campgrounds are filling up too?
    I’ll give you a report in a few weeks.
    If you couldn’t find a Priceline deal, no one could.


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