Sleeping In Airports – It’s Not Just For Backpackers Anymore

Sleeping in airports is on the uptick, what with fully booked flights and airlines not making with the hotel vouchers, the New York Times reports.

The story features a guy who invented a little one-person tent for camping out at the gate.

I can see staying in an airport overnight. I just can’t see sleeping in one. All other considerations aside, what about the constant security announcements in U.S. airports?

I carry earplugs, but those announcements are so loud, I can hear them through the plugs. Besides, I’m not sure it would be wise to wear them while sleeping in a public place.

On top of that, I just need a bed, or at least an air mattress. I couldn’t even sleep at Schiphol, in Amsterdam, which is quiet and has comfortable lounge chairs.


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