Deals Abound In Las Vegas

Arthur Frommer points out in a recent blog post that there are some fabulous deals to be had in Las Vegas.

Why go to Vegas? For the same reason you go to Versailles – to wonder at the fountains and architecture and all the excessive spending  that comes with too much money in one place.

Why go to Vegas in the heat of the summer? Because the hotel bargains right now are astounding – under $100 a night at several luxury, Strip hotels and under $50 for some very pleasant alternatives.

My daughter just got a $35 a night rate at The Orleans, a fun and well-run off-Strip hotel with plush, comfortable rooms, a lovely pool and a shuttle bus to the Strip.

And, yes, it’s hot in Las Vegas in July. If there’s a breeze, it feels like a blow dryer in your face.  That’s why you go out at night, after the sun has gone down, to frolic in the decadent scene.


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