Bradley Losing Direct Flights To Los Angeles, Houston

The only direct flight from Bradley International to the West Coast will end in September, along with the only direct flight to Houston.

Continental will discontinue the daily Houston flight as part of a drastic nationwide cutback announced this week, and Delta has quietly dropped the four-times-weekly flight to LAX as of Sept. 1.

[Thanks to Mark for pointing out the loss of the LAX flight, which I missed in the first version of this post.]

Bradley has already lost all its direct flights to Fort Myers and Columbus, and will lose its only direct flight to Denver in September.

And this is far from over. Continental is no big player at Bradley, with only about 10 flights a day. Aside from Houston, its only flights from Bradley are to its hubs in Cleveland and Newark. Frontier, which cut the Denver route, isn’t either.

What Delta does will matter more for Bradley. It has already cut the LAX, Fort Myers and Columbus flights, and substituted smaller aircraft on other routes.

Delta will almost certainly continue flying directly to its hubs at Cincinnati and Atlanta, and if it merges successfully with Northwest, to Minneapolis.

But it remains to be seen how much of its daily flight schedule between Bradley and Florida destinations will survive the next round of cutbacks. Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and Palm Beach could see reductions or even the elimination of direct service to Bradley.


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